Self Service Composite Program

No photography companies in your area? Prefer to take the photos on your own timing? Looking for creative fundraising options? Our "Self Service" photography is the perfect option. Take individual photos with your own camera, send us your images, and we will create a personalized composite for your group! Quick, easy, and affordable!
How it Works
Receive Equipment
We send you lighting equipment and a backdrop for taking the photos. Set-up takes just minutes!
Photograph Members
You take photos of your members using your own camera or cell phone. Modeling guides are provided to help with posing. Once complete, upload images to using our secure online platform.
Sell Prints
We provide an individual order form for each member so that you can sell the prints. You keep the total sales price, minus a small print fee. The print packages are conveniently packaged for each member, and mailed to your organization for easy distribution.
Receive Composite
Receive a beautiful, professional composite print of your group.
Frequently Asked Questions

What types of equipment do you provide?
For a small rental fee we provide the photo backdrop and external lighting equipment. You provide your own camera equipment. Most cameras (including cell phones) will work to provide a quality image for your composite.
Can I use my own equipment?
Absolutely! If you already have the photos and just need help assembling the final product, we would be happy to help!
Fundraising Options
Can we resell a mini version of the composite?
Yes! Your members can purchase the mini composites as a keepsake. We will provide you with an order form to collect sales. Your organization sets the price for the mini-composite and collects orders and payment. Once ready, you simply submit your bulk order to DGPortraits along with a low flat fee for each print package. The completed orders will be mailed directly to your organization for distribution.
Can we resell the individual portrait print?
Yes, the individual portrait can be offered for resale. Your members will have several packages to choose from. We will provide you with an individual order form for each member. Your organization sets the price for the packages and collects orders and payment. When ready, you simply submit your bulk order to DGPortraits along with a low flat fee for each package. The completed orders will be conveniently packaged for each member and mailed directly to the organization for distribution.

Photo taken with provided lighting and iPhone 6
How do I take the best photos?
We will provide you with helpful tips on camera settings, studio set-up, and posing to ensure a quality composite you can be proud of for years to come.
How do I submit the photos to you?
We provide an easy online portal for you to upload images to our designers. You can also provide the photos via dropbox, google drive, or other cloud storage services if preferred. To ensure a great final print, we require, the photos to be renamed to the individual member's name exactly as you would like it displayed on the composite (i.e. "Jane Smith.jpg").
Composite Print
What will the layout be for the composite?
We customize each composite to your organization. We are happy to take specific requests in regards to color scheme, order of layout (alphabetical, by instrument, etc), highlighting leadership positions, and more.
What size is the completed composite?
Most groups receive a 24x36 or 30x40 composite. We will work with you to determine the size that best meets your organization's needs.
When will I receive my composite?
The composite print is mailed to you within one month of receiving your approval of the composite proof. Please note that due to the difficulty and cost in shipping large frames undamaged, you are responsible for acquiring your own frame for the provided print.
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